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Welcome by the GLAS Automobile Club International e.V.

Here you can experience the exciting story of an innovative small car company in Dingolfing, Germany just 60 miles north-east of Munich. In just 12 years, this company developed a complete range of products, ranging from the small Goggomobil cars, the 04-series, which won in 1965 with the 1304 TS the German Touring Car Championship, continued with the beautiful GLAS 1300 GT and 1700 GT up to the eight-cylinder GLAS 3000 V8 luxury coupe.

This is only a small sampling. Come on and explore this website, there are many more models and interesting stories.

Uwe Gusen
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Buch - Hans Glas - Ein niederbayerischer Industriepionier

Das neue GLAS- Buch

Hans Glas war ein herausragender Unternehmer und außergewöhnliche Persönlichkeit,
der zu Zeiten des deutschen Wirtschaftswunders nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg in aller Munde war.
Er war ein Wohltäter, der nie seine Wurzeln vergaß und sich durch seine soziale Einstellung nicht nur bei seinen
Mitarbeitern sondern auch für das Allgemeinwohl mehr als verdient gemacht hat. In seinem Unternehmen, der ehemaligen Hans Glas GmbH,
wurden mehr als 300.000 Sämaschinen hergestellt und fast eine halbe Million Automobile.
Insbesondere das über 280.000 Mal produzierte Goggomobil ist auch heute noch vielen Menschen bekannt.

Read more: Buch - Hans Glas - Ein niederbayerischer Industriepionier

GLAS annual meeting 2017 in Melle by Osnabrück ( Germany)

From 2 to 5 June 2017, the GLAS Club invites to the annual meeting in the Osnabrücker Land, which attracts thousands of tourists every year with the mountainous and idyllic recreational landscape of the Teutoburger Wald and the Wiehengebirge. Well-known vital baths also invite you to visit. On the way from Melle to Bad Essen you can discover a series of hidden and dreamy castles and manor houses.
The event hotel of our year is the modern Van Der Falk hotel in Melle, which offers 120 rooms and large function rooms for the accommodation of the participants, the evening events and the annual general meeting
Have we made you curious? Would you like to have a good time with your GLAS vintage cars again? Then on Pentecost 2017 in the Osnabrücker country, where the Automuseum Melle also invites one of the largest and most interesting Oldtimer collection in Germany. Since December 2016, there has been a special exhibition on the subject of GLAS Automobile, in which the entire product range of the Bavarian company is presented to the public from the Goggo Roller to the eight-cylinder GLAS. The booking of the hotel room is, as always, self-responsible with a separate registration form, which is also included in this edition. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2017.

Preliminary program

Invitation English

Registration of the club meet

Hotel reservation

Complete program in German





Revival 50 years Goggomobil in Dingolfing 2005

Dear Goggomobil and GLAS friends.

I have now searched the archive and GLAS photos
50 years Goggomobil from 2005 picked out in Dingolfing.

Nine years have passed again and next year we seeing everybody in Dingolfing to 60 years Goggomobil again.

The plans are already underway. Here are about 100 photos that you can look at to remind you once liked.

Click here.

The Special edition of the 1004 - 1304

A special edition of the GLAS Automobile Club magazine to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Glas 1004 is available.

On 98 pages you will read about the updated history, the entire racing history, how many vehicles have survived and more. The magazine contains many documentary photographs, some never before published in b/w and color. The magazine is published in German only and costs 15.00 Euros.

You can order it from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other special issues of the GLAS Automobile Club magazine can be found here

GLAS Parade

You can find pictures of the most beautiful GLAS vehicles at the 2012 annual club meet in Switzerland at

Please click here

Pictures from the latest Glas exhibitions

Through our picture gallery you can now visit various exhibitions. The small GLAS exhibition at the BMW Museum has ended. Here are the best pictures.

..... and much more!   Please click here


If you want see more photo galleries pleas click here