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Welcome by the GLAS Automobile Club International e.V.

Here you can experience the exciting story of an innovative small car company in Dingolfing, Germany just 60 miles north-east of Munich. In just 12 years, this company developed a complete range of products, ranging from the small Goggomobil cars, the 04-series, which won in 1965 with the 1304 TS the German Touring Car Championship, continued with the beautiful GLAS 1300 GT and 1700 GT up to the eight-cylinder GLAS 3000 V8 luxury coupe.

This is only a small sampling. Come on and explore this website, there are many more models and interesting stories.

Uwe Gusen
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GLAS Stammtisch in Nordhessen

Am 10.Oktober 2020 trafen sich GLAS Clubmitglieder zu einem Stammtisch in Vellmar bei Kassel. Nach vielen Absagen der Veranstaltungen wegen Corona waren alle erfreut einmal wieder über Erfahrungen und ihre Fahrzeuge zu reden. Die Teilnehmer kamen von Fulda bis Bielefeld. Der stammtisch findet jetzt öfters statt Weitere Informationen und Bilder finden Sie hier

Cancellation of the annual meet of the GLAS Automobilclub International e.V. 2020 in Potsdam

Dear GLAS Cub members

Out of concern for the health of the members and because of the official regulations, the board of directors of the GLAS Automobil Club International has decided to cancel this year's annual meet in Potsdam.

We would like to thank the organizers for the time and effort they have put into the preparation.

Our club magazine will  give you additional information and the new schedule for our annual general meeting which will take place later this year.

We wish all our members good health and hope that the Corona crisis will soon be over.

Please keep your distance from anyone and follow all recommended precautions because you’re not only helping yourself, but also other people.

If you have further questions, you can reach me at any time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The GLAS Automobilclub International. e.V just welcomed the 1000th member


The GLAS Automobilclub International. e.V just welcomed the 1000th member. Martin Hemauer from Lower Bavaria received a certificate from the 2nd chairman of the club, Thomas Schneider.

He is the proud owner of a GLAS 1700. He was invited to our annual meet in Bad Arolsen near Kassel from June 7th to the 10th. 2019 (www.glasclub.de).

GLAS was taken over by BMW on January 2nd, 1967.

The club, which was founded in 1975 in Switzerland, now has followers in 20 countries around the world with members in USA, Australia, Japan, South America and all of Europe.

Welcome to the GLAS Club homepage

Goggomobil SedanGoggomobil SedanThe club has nearly 1000 members around the world and is the only club solely dedicated to the German scooter and automobile manufacturer GLAS. However even owners of a BMW 1600 GT or a BMW / GLAS V8 feel here at home.
The club is based in Germany.
Most of the members live in Germany, but over 180 of our members live in France, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Overseas we have members in USA, South America, Japan and Australia.  People who drive a vehicle manufactured by Glas, from the early scooters, the Goggomobil or the later full-size sedans and sporty GT cars can become a member. But even those who are just interested in this automobile manufacturer from Dingolfing in lower Bavaria, even without owning a Glas vehicle, are welcome.
GLAS 1300 GTGLAS 1300 GTNow we would like to show you some vehicles in the USA, where we are represented from Micro Cars to sporty coupes right up to the GLAS V8.








Goggomobil CoupeGoggomobil Coupe   GLAS 1700 GTGLAS 1700 GT

                                     GLAS 1700 GT CabrioGLAS 1700 GT Cabrio

                                     BMW 1600 GT BMW 1600 GT

GLAS 1300 GT CabrioGLAS 1300 GT Cabrio   Goggomobil CoupeGoggomobil Coupe

                         BMW 1600 GT BMW 1600 GT


Revival 50 years Goggomobil in Dingolfing 2005

Dear Goggomobil and GLAS friends.

I have now searched the archive and GLAS photos
50 years Goggomobil from 2005 picked out in Dingolfing.

Nine years have passed again and next year we seeing everybody in Dingolfing to 60 years Goggomobil again.

The plans are already underway. Here are about 100 photos that you can look at to remind you once liked.

Click here.

GLAS Parade

You can find pictures of the most beautiful GLAS vehicles at the 2012 annual club meet in Switzerland at

Please click here

Pictures from a Glas exhibition

Through our picture gallery you can now visit various exhibitions. The small GLAS exhibition at the BMW Museum has ended. Here are the best pictures.

..... and much more!   Please click here


If you want see more photo galleries pleas click here