About us

We are a large family in which the owner of a Goggomobil, as well as the owner of a GLAS V8 always will find a common ground for conversation. Whether a student or a business man, all have a place in our club.

The flair of being one family, very much existing among the former GLAS employees, transferred itself also to our club community.

We represent a car brand which disappeared from the market over 40 years ago. Therefore, we are totally self sufficient and follow our own rules.

Whether for advertising, the technical support for the vehicles, or for the re-manufacturing of replacement parts, we are always in charge.

Only through our active participation in the re-manufacturing process of parts with our members can we ensure an adequate supply of spare parts.

That is why this club exists, to provide help and advice to owners of GLAS and Goggomobil cars.

The attractive club magazine is widely popular and has a variety of topics relating to the brand GLAS.

The wide range of vehicles has something for everyone. Especially in recent years we have noticed a large influx of new members. It has spread around, that here are still some exclusive vehicles that can be enjoyed at a reasonable price.

The purchase of a Goggomobil also gives young people a chance to enjoy a vintage car at very modest costs.

Uwe Gusen