The GLAS 04 and GT in Motorsport

GLAS in motor sport - an incredible success story

In the early 60s started the "Breiten-Motorsport" phenomena in the Federal Republic of Germany. "Breiten-Motorsport" is simply a motorsport event for anyone. For many motor sports enthusiasts, it just was a blast to use their own vehicle in slaloms, reliability trials, rallies, hill climbs and track races.

The most popular classes were the ones with the 1300cc and 1000cc engine displacement. There were many cars suitable for these events, the DKW F12, the Mini Cooper, the Fiat 1300, the Renault Gordini and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta for example.

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Goggomobil in Motorsport

Records in different series

Already before the Second World War, the fascination in motorsport had brought many Germans to the racetrack where Auto Union was engaged in thrilling duels with Mercedes. Names such as Nuvolari, Bernd Rosemeyer and Rudolf Carraciola were on everyone's lips.
This was not forgotten by the people after the war, despite many hardships. No sooner after the most necessary arrangements were made, people began again to be interested in racing. In 1946, the first post-war race in the vicinity of Freiburg was held. At this time, many home grown constructions were conceived and entered in the race. Often pre-war cars were rebuilt. For example, using the old BMW 328 sports cars, the legendary Veritas racing cars were created.

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The GLAS Isar in Motorsport

Much success in motorsport

The success with the Goggomobil from 1956 to 1959 in motorsport had already made for GLAS a very good name. Therefore, it was obvious that many drivers switched by the end of 1959 to the Glas Isar.
At the time chassis and engine were up to the challenge. But the problems with the missing oil sump led to a lot of engine failures at the beginning.
As with the Goggomobil the first reports of racing success came from Austria. The famous Austrian GLAS driver Loisl Wiener won alternately with the T 600 and T 700 one gold medal after another. In the 29th Bergland race, he won with his T 600 in the class up to 700 cc, and at the hill climb at the Rechberg near Graz, he won the gold medal because of his fastest times in all classes.

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