The A-pillar area

      Not much is recognizable at the left A-pillar

      At the right, it looks awful in the A-pillar area        Left A-pillar with new parts

The first sign of damage was in the inner rocker panels. The entire panel to the frame girder had to be taken out.

     All the metal up to the frame girder had to be removed          At the right you can see how much metal was removed

     The A-pillar was also removed.          On the right side, the battery bin had to be rebuilt

     Left inner A-pillar welded     A-pillar installed, and a piece of the fender panel fitted in


Rocker panel area, floor panel, and interior
The rocker panel area is the second critical location. Several panels run together here. Rust prevention was almost nonexistent in the sixties. Therefore, you'll encounter many a surprise here. The exterior rocker is often intact, but behind it is only rust!


    Rust is everywhere  Rocker panel from the inside

    The way it usually looks!     The interior rocker panel is rotted out too

                                                      The interior rocker panel is rotted out too

   New floor panel installed        The reinforcement panel is an available as a  reproduced part

   The bare reinforcement panel is only on the Cabrio        Fitting the external rocker panel

   A lot of welding is necessary        Finally everything has to be sanded down     

   Seat rails    At the end everything is sealed tight

After the floor panels and rocker panels are welded in, the seat rails can be welded in too. There are two different rails for each seat. One has the upper piece and the bottom piece welded together. These have to be taken out from the car floor and then welded in again. The other rail comes in two parts. The bottom piece can be obtained as a reproduced part and is welded to the floor panel. Two M6 nuts have to be welded on top of this rail. The upper piece gets screwed into those. This way the width of the seat rails can be adjusted.
Here is a schematic for the structure of the rocker panels for the coupe and cabrio. On the cabrio only, this area is reinforced with extra panel. Many of these panels are available as new reproductions so they don't have to be laboriously made by hand. The following parts are available:
Inner rocker panel
Outer rocker panel
Step panel
Slant mounted perforated plate

Innenschweller: Inner rocker panel
Aussenschweller: Outer rocker panel
Tuergummi: Door molding
Schwellerzierleiste: Rocker panel trim strip
Bodenblech: Floor panel
Rechteckprofil: Rectangular profile
zusaetzliches Versteifungsblech mit Sicken: Additional reinforcement panel with beading

 Rotted out beneath the rear seat bench too       The panel behind the seats was made by hand

Durchgehende Stehblech 1.5 mm stark: Continuous vertical plate 1.5 mm strong                                                   Welded