BMW 1600 GT Purchase Advise

the rear axle also took more space in the insidethe rear axle also took more space in the insideThe BMW 1600 GT came into being because of the delivery contract of bodies made between the company GLAS and Frua. Per this contract, BMW, now the new owner of GLAS, still had to accept delivery of more than a 1,000 bodies. Therefore they decided to have Pietro Frua redesign this car to accept a BMW drive train.
The redesign was very complicated, since the semi-trailing arm rear axle of the BMW 1600 Ti had to be accommodated.
The handling capabilities, compared to the GLAS GT, however had with this change not improved.


also here is a lot of rustalso here is a lot of rust

Rust prevention and workmanship continued to be neglected in the BMW GT. Therefore, the deficiencies on the body are essentially the same as that of the GLAS GT.
In addition, attention must be given to signs of corrosion on the semi-trailing arm of the rear suspension.


the engine bay on the BMW 1600 GT is filled  the engine bay on the BMW 1600 GT is filled Engine, gearbox and rear axle are all BMW and are very robust. The front suspension is similar to the GLAS GT. Brakes use the assist of a brake booster.
The car was shipped from the start with a 12 volts system.

Interior decoration

The interior is largely identical to the GLAS, but there are minor differences. Here, too, original spare parts are no longer available. Unless one can still find a good used part from a member of GLAS club. Otherwise the only avenue is the upholstery shop.

Spare parts

If mechanical components for engine, gearbox and rear axle fit in the BMW 1600 / 2002, they are easy to obtain from BMW. However if they differ from the BMW 1600 / 2002, there are problems.
In these cases, the GLAS club is working with BMW on solutions.
Not all BMW dealers are familiar with the procurement of parts for the BMW 1600 GT. It is also possible that these parts are not listed in the ETK (electronic parts catalog). Therefore Uwe Gusen is compiling a reference list for club members. Here currently available parts will be recorded.
All other parts, just like the GLAS GT, may be available from club members. Help is provided by the club management.


Whether you decide on a BMW GT or a GLAS GT is up to your preference. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages.
The GLAS GT seems to be more harmonious, the BMW GT has more robust mechanics.
Compared to the GLAS 1300 GT, the BMW 1600 GT has a better driving performance but compared to the GLAS 1700 GT it's equal.
If originality is important to you check the engine. In many cases the motor was changed to a later BMW M10 motor from the BMW 2002.
In Germany, market prices are by 1,000 Euros slightly higher than the GLAS GT. This may not be the case in other countries, especially in the USA, since name recognition plays a huge roll here.