Goggo Coupe History

At the 1956 International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition (IFMA) in Frankfurt, the builder of the Goggomobil surprised the audience with a very pretty small coupe. This vehicle was certainly the most beautiful of the in-house designed cars. "Development had to go fast like everything at GLAS," says Günter Patron, the now well known designer, "Bauer in Germany got the go-ahead to quickly produce a plaster model." What emerged looked very good. For 3.670 German Marks, this elegant and sporty subcompact attracted buyers which did not consider a GLAS vehicle before.

On the same chassis as the sedan, the car was offered with the 250 or 300 cc motor. New also was an electro-magnetic, pre-select gearbox, which was controlled via a small joy stick on the dashboard.

In addition to the coupe, a convertible was introduced as well. Only a few of these however were ever built. It never was mass produced.