A thoroughbred sports car

Official press photo at the IAA 1963The GLAS 1300 GT celebrated its debut at the 1963 IAA and the experts can't get enough of it. GLAS managed to hide the coupe from the press until the opening of the IAA. Known was only that GLAS would introduce a new four door sedan.
In collaboration with the designer Pietro Frua, GLAS put together a car that showed spirit and class and which the public declared as the highlight the IAA. The GLAS GT coupe and convertible with a 1300 cc and 85 hp motor thrilled hundreds of thousands spectators which crowded the GLAS stand.
Production of the 1300 GT started in March of 1964. The 85 hp motor accelerated the car which had a curb weight of 830 kg to 175 km / hr. With this performance it was even with the 1600 cc Porsche, but with its base price of 11,600 German Marks no bargain.

Presentation GLAS 1300 GT at the IAA 1963The body shells are built by Pietro Frua near Turin, Italy. Dingolfing finished the assembly including painting and installation of motor and drive train.
Italian lines with German technology was the slogan which was heralded and which finally ascended GLAS to a serious competitor in the automotive industry.

In 1965, the 1700 GT was added, which with its 100 hp and an 8.4 kg / hp was even more spirited. GLAS simply followed the modular design principle and installed the engine of the GLAS 1700 TS Sedan into the spirited coupe. Since this motor was taller, the previously smooth hood now required a hood scoop which made the car look even sportier. From 1965 on, this hood was then also used on the 1300 GT.

in 1965Presentation GLAS 1700 GT

 GLAS 1300GT Very attractive GLAS 1700 GT Convertible

Production was halted in August of 1967 and BMW started in June of 1967 with the production of the BMW 1600 GT.